Muslim Philosophy


With short accounts of other

Disciplines and the Modern 

Renaissance in the Muslim Lands 


Edited and Introduced by 


Director of the Institute of Islamic Culture, Lahore Pakistan 


Published by 

Pakistan Philosophical Congress

Presented in PDF format

in Full and  complete.

Greetings and welcome to the history of Muslim Philosophy book. This is a wonderful book that was the work of many brilliant scholars. The book is almost 2000 pages. We are proud to be able to present you with this book online. We would like to present it to you in html text format in order that it may be searchable. However our resources are meager and we are reaching out to you our dear readers if you are interested in proofreading of the text. Thus far we have up to chapter 15 (and the article on al-Ghazali) done by kind volunteers. If you would like to join our effort please let me know by e-mail. For more information on what is involved in bringing the work to html click here. So this is your chance to contribute to this great effort this way everyone can access this book in a more accessible format.

Volume 1

Book One

Pre-Islamic Philosophical thought

Book Two

Advent of Islam

Fundamental Teachings of the Qur'an


Volume 2

Book Four

LATER centuries 

(From the Fall of Baghdad[656/1258] TO 1111/1700)

Book Five


(Covering both the Early and the Later Centuries)

Book Six


Book Seven



Book Eight

modern renaissance 

(Covering both the Early and the Later Centuries)

CONCLUSION by the Editor, M. M. Sharif. (unedited)

INDEX (included in Volume two bellow)

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