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 ??? ????????? ?adr al-Muta’allihin               

"The foremost amongst the theosophs", an honorific title given by his followers to the celebrated Sadr al-Din Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Shirazi, generally known as Mulla Sadra (979-1050/1571-1640), the greatest philosopher in modern times in Iran.


 ???? ?ughra

The minor premise in a syllogism (qiyas, q.v.); see al-muqaddamat al-sughra.

 ????? ?????????? al-?uwar la-Afla?uniyah

The Platonic forms or ideas; see al-muthul al-Aflatuniyah and al-a‘yan al-thabitah.

 ??? ?????? ?uwar al-buruj

The signs of the Zodiac. These are twelve, viz. (1) hamal (ram); (2) thaur (bull); (3) jauza’ (twins); (4) sartan (crab); (5) asad (lion); (6) sunbulah (virgin, lit. "ear of corn."); (7) mizan (balance); (8) ‘aqrab (Scorpion); (9) qaus (archer); (10) Jadi (goat); (11) dalw (bucket); and (12) hut (fish). See also mintaqat al-buruj.

 ???? ?urah

The essence of. a thing which in union with prime matter (hayula q.v.) constitutes a particular thing; it is, in fact, the principle that determines the prime matter to be actually such and such a body; without either matter or form, however, there would be no concrete thing at all.


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