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Al-Kindī’s Mathematical Metaphysics

Al-Kindī’s Mathematical Metaphysics Al-Kindī uses infinity to disprove the eternity of the world. His first step can be summarized in his statement: [I]t is not possible, either for an eternal body or for other objects which have quantity and quality, … Continue reading

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On infinity

Similarities between al-Kindī and David Hilbert On infinity Al-Kindī aimed at a mathematical contradiction in the heart of the Aristotelian issue of actual infinity. In other words, actual infinity is self-canceling, and the only thing left is infinity on the potential … Continue reading

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Natural Philosophy

Al-Kindī’s Natural Philosophy The simultaneous existence of matter, motion, and time Al-Kindī proved the impossibility of the existence of an actual infinite body by asserting that bodies are quantitative objects, and then by proving that any quantitative thing could not … Continue reading

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On Investigation and Truth

Quotes on Truth “We ought not be embarrassed to appreciate the truth and obtain it wherever it comes from, even if it comes from races distant and nations different from us. Nothing should be dearer to the seeker of truth … Continue reading

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Epistemological Paradigm

The Epistemological Paradigm of Islamic Civilization By Mashhad Al-Allaf Prof. of Philosophy   I argue that Islamic philosophy has an essence related to the root of Islamic civilization, while other scholars argue that philosophy itself is the essence of civilization and … Continue reading

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