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This page will give you some ideas of the interests of the webmaster of this site. However in its current format it is hopelessly outdated. I'll concentrate more on the content of the websites than this page in lieu of shameless self promotion.

Imam Al-Ghazali Site 

Long overdue. This contains many of his major works with a heavy emphasis on  philosophical issues in al-Ghazali. This is sort of my daily grind, needless to say now an obsession. I think I have the Ghazali Measles.

Islamic Philosophy Site

This page is now a major effort to fill in an important gap in this academic field. What started out as single effort is now a group project. Which I hope will continue to flourish. See the stats page for more information

Dictionary of Muslim Philosophy

Just what it says. It is a dictionary of all those hard to understand Arabic terms. These are truly philosophical terms from the works of al-Kindi, al-Farabi, ibn Sina, al-Ghazali, and many others, including Mulla Sadra. 

Ibn Rushd Page 

This contains some of his major works with a heavy emphasis on his philosophical thought.

Ibn Sina Site 

This contains many of his major works especially those dealing with philosophy, do you see a trend here!

Journal of Islamic Philosophy

…with a little help from my friends now a reality.

My Writings: 


This page contains some of the papers that I did for an Introductory Ethics class. These papers by their nature are limited to the text that was used in class. (Undergraduate Level)

Philosophy of Technology

This is was a result of a course that I had taken with the same title. It contains the papers that I wrote for the course a bit more. (Undergraduate Level) 


These are papers that I have written from time to time. I have uploaded them in hope that they might be of benefit to the whole of humanity ;-) (High school - Undergraduate)


This paper that I have written on that philosopher and his concept of pain. I wrote for a course on the philosopher. (Undergraduate)


A collection of thoughts and writings on things Islamic... (Just for fun and the Prophet)


Here is a complete set of fonts, Roman, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. This is based on the Gentium family of fonts. I have just added two glyphs to this font. This way you can do the Hamza and Ayn in true Unicode. This set is more for typesetting than anything else. If you are just going to use it for mere word processing I would recommend that you get the available Gentium font which contains a far more richer character selection.  These fonts are free ware and can be used for any purpose.

This is pdf file of the unicode characters that are used for Arabic Transliteration.

This is a Mac keyboard that contians short cuts to use to enter in transliterated characters mainly for long a, i and u. Also for underdot on the following d, h, s, t, and z. The way to get these is to use option(alt) and a for long a, option(alt) shift z for Z underdot. I did them for my own use and if you can make use of them by all means do so.  (instructions for install and use)

If they are of benefit to you, you are welcome to use them freely. No need to mention any credit.

I have since found that many have done the same. Just enter Arabic Transliteration on a search engine to get a good idea of what's out there!


My name in Arabic Calligraphy (Thulth), Turkish Tughra. 

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