Selected Articles

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Selected Refereed Journal Articles

  • M. Al-Allaf, Al-Ḫāzinī on Center of Gravity, Frankfurter Zeitschrift Für Islamisch-Theologische Studien, Berlin, Ebverlag, 5, 2021, pp. 59-84.
  • M. Al-Allaf, Is Existence a Predicate? Al Farabi on Predicate and Necessary Being, Academic Journal of Science, ISSN: 2165-6282: 08(02):233–236, 2018
  • M. Al-Allaf, Naming and Being: Issues in Al-Ghazali’s Philosophy of Language, The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Review (HSSR), Volume 07, Number 02, pp. 151-160, 2017
  • M. Al-Allaf,Unique Quantification: Beyond Russell and Kripke, Islamic Philosophy of Naming, The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Review (HSSR), Volume 06, Number 01, 2016, pp. 67-86.
  • M. Al-Allaf, Jabir on Inductive Reasoning and Metaphysic: A Chemist’s Perspective on Philosophy of Science and the Eternity of the World, The Journal of Islamic Philosophy, USA, Vol. 10, 2016, pp. 3-18.
  • M. Al-Allaf, The Technique of Soul Removal, Plastic Surgery: Islamic Perspectives, Medicine and Law Journal, Volume 35, 2016, pp. 131-150.
  • M. Allaf, The Logic of Uniqueness – Five Underlying Principles in Ibn Taymiyya’s Critique of Aristotelian Logic, International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Volume 07, Number 04, 2014, pp. 499-508. (
  • M. Al-Allaf, Modern Technology, Preventive Ethics and the Human Condition, International Journal of Arts and Sciences, vol.4, no.13, 2011, pp.161-168.
  • M. Al-Allaf, “Qur’anic Statements and Protocol Sentences of Science: Are “Protocol Sentences” of science and “Core Statements” of religion two mutually inconsistent foundations of the same worldview?,” Transcendent Philosophy, An International Journal for Comparative Philosophy and Mysticism, UK, Volume 10, December 2009, pp. 53-70.
  • M. Al-Allaf, “Islamic Interculturalism,” in Multicultural Society: Difference or Diversity? R. Fisichella (Ed), San Giovanni in Laterano, Citta Del Vaticano, Italy: Pontificia Universita Lateranense, Nuntium 38-39 (2009-3), pp. 63-69.
  • “Interculturalismo islamico”, “La società multiculturale: differenze o diversità?” Lateran University Press, Città del Vaticano, Italy, Nuntium 38-39 (2009-3), pp. 63-69. Link to: Islam and Interculturalism,  Nuntium 2009/2-3 (pdf) (translated in Italian)
  • Al-Allaf, Al-Ghazali on Logical Necessity, Causality, and Miracles.  Journal of Islamic Philosophy, USA, Vol. 2. 2006, pp. 37-52.
  • Al-Allaf, Globalization, Multiculturalism, and Maqasid Theory, Presented at the Conference on Globalization. Salamanca, Spain. December 2002 and published in their Journal on Society, Globalization and Rhetoric 2003, pp. 5-16.
  • Al-Allaf, “The Logic of Science and the Metaphysical Presuppositions,” Dirasāt Arabiyya, Lebanon, 1989, pp. 3-33.

 Non-Refereed Journal Articles

  • M. Al-Allaf, The Relationship between Science and Religion; A Pseudo-Problem, Journal of Trending Events, vol.10, May, 2015, pp. 23-24.
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