(185-256 AH / 805-873 AD)

Abu Yusef Yaqoub ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi is the father of Islamic Philosophy. He was also a scientist of high caliber a gifted Mathematician, astronomer, physician and a geographer as well as a talented musician.

Famous words:

"We ought not to be embarrassed of appreciating the truth and of obtaining it wherever it comes from, even if it comes from races distant and nations different from us. Nothing should be dearer to the seeker of truth than the truth itself, and there is no deterioration of the truth, nor belittling either of one who speaks it or  conveys it."


Original Source Biography:

  1. al-Kindi from from Ibn abi-Usiba's Tabaqat al-'itbia (Arabic html)

Supplementary Material:

  1. al-Kindi from Muslim Heritage foundation. (link)
  2. al-Kindi by Ahmed Fouad El-Ehwany. from History of Muslim Philosophy. (E-text) in PDF format only.   
  3. al-kindi by K. KENNEDY-DAY
  4. al-Kindi from the Mathematics site at University of Saint Andrews, Scotland.(link)

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