Muhammad Iqbal

Professor Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

    Iqbal stands alone in the post classical period of Islamic philosophy as a reviver of the discipline within the Muslim world.  He is the only Islamic philosopher to make a serious attempt at grabbling with the problems of modern western philosophy within an Islamic context.   His thought has been extremely influential throughout the Islamic world today. 

    Iqbal introduces his notion of Khudi, or self.  Arising from a desire to awaken the Muslim Ummah and drawing upon inspiration from western existentialists like Nietzsche, and Muslim spiritual teachers he empowers the Muslim individual.  Beyond its superficial, and important, role as a motivator for Muslims Khudi embodies a deep philosophical concept prevalent throughout his philosophical writings.

    Iqbals breadth and depth of knowledge is truly remarkable.  Being educated both in the east and the west gave him a unique perspective to tackle the problems of modern times.   Below we sample some of his work, and some work related to him.  Iqbal wrote in English, Urdu and Farsi.  Many links below are compliments of the Iqbal Academy.


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