Transcripts from the Egyptian TV show. "Everything you wanted to know about Islam but was afraid to Ask."

The scholars being interviewed are from various fields of study. But all of them are committed Muslims, and well known Islamic Thinkers:

Dr. Kamal Abul Magd: Professor of International Law, Cairo University. He is a renowned international lawyer and jurist.

Dr. Abdel Wahab El Messeri: Professor Emeritus, English Literature, Ein Shams University, Author and Councilor for the International Institute of Islamic Thought.

Dr. Mustafa El-Feki: Well known Political Scientist and Writer, Presently Egyptian Ambassador to Austria.

1: Religion in General

2: Monotheism

3: Man and Religion

4: The Quran: The Primary Source of Islam

5: The Quran: Content

6: The Messenger of Allah

7: How One Becomes a Muslim

8: Worship in Islam

9: Art in Islam

10: The Mosque

11: Islam and The Environment

12: The Concept of Jihad

13: The Role of Women in Islam: I

14: The Role of Women in Islam: II

15: Islam and Minorities

16: The Pilgrimage

17: The Ummah

18: Ijtihad (local)

19: Islamic Philosophy (local)

20: Al Ghazali (local)

21: Ibn Rushd (local)

22: Miracles

23: Democracy in Islam

24: Mysticism

25: Ibn Khaldun (local)

26: Islamic Reformers (local)

27: Islam and The West: I

28: Islam and The West: II

29: Islam and The West: III

30: Islamic Concept of History (local)

31: Islamic Jurisprudence: I

32: Islamic Jurisprudence: II

33: Conflict

34: Jews in Islamic History

35: Islamic English

36: Muslim Political Thought

37: Islam and Human Rights

38: Islam and Freedom

39: Islam: A Comprehensive Vision

40: Muslim Minorities

41: The Caliphate

42: Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq

43: Umar B. Al-Khattab

44: Uthman B. Affan

45: Ali B. Abu-Talib

46: Interpretation of the Holy Quran

47: Development of The Arabic Language

48: The Prophet as a Political Leader

49: Splinter Groups

50: An Islamic Constitution

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