(Curriculum Vitae)

Dr. Mustafa Abu-Sway

E-Mail: abusway@planet.edu
Al-Quds University, 8 Nur Al-Din Street, Jerusalem, PO BOX 51000
Tel: 972-2-627 4979/80  Fax: 972-2-6277166


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I. Books:

  1. Studies in Islamic Epistemology: the Case of Al-Ghazzali; Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka: Kuala Lumpur, 1995 (English) (Cover photo)

  2. Fatwa Al-Ghazzali (The Religious Rulings of Al-Ghazzali); ISTAC: Kuala Lumpur, 1996 (Arabic)

  3. Islam in Focus, By Hammudah Abdulati. Revised and Edited by Shaykh Salih al Husayin and Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway; Amana Publications: Beltsville, Maryland, 1998.

  4. Kitab Al-Tarbiyah Al-Islamiyyah (Islamic Education Textbook for Seventh Grade), co-author and coordinator (Palestinian Ministry of Education, 2001)

II. Articles:

  1. “The Development in Al-Ghazzalis Epistemology”, Intellectual Discourse vol. 2, 1994, 167-176

  2. “Al-Ghazzali’s Spiritual Crisis Reconsidered”, Al-Shajarah (ISTAC) vol. 1, 1996, 77-94

  3. “Fiqh Al-Bi’ah fi Al-Islam” (The Jurisprudence of the Environment in Islam) published by Al-Najah University-Nablus, 1997.

  4. “Al-Nurisi wa al-Sababiyyah” (Al-Nurisi on Causality) International Institute for Islamic Thought-Amman/ Jordan, 1997

  5. “Al-Nursi on the People of the Book” (Istanbul Ilim Ve Kultur Vakf-Istanbul, 1999)

  6. “Ibrahim in the Islamic Scriptures”, Abraham in the Three Monotheistic Faiths (PASSIA-Jerusalem, 1998)

  7. “Towards an Islamic Jurisprudence of the Environment”, Islam: the Environment and Health (Islamic Medical Association of South Africa: Qualbert, 1999)

  8. “An Islamic Perspective on the Palestinian Statehood” (The Palestine-Israel Journal for Politics, Economics and Culture, 1999)

  9. “The Holy Land, Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Islamic Sources”, Journal of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) Fall 2000, 60-68

  10. “The Image of the Other in Palestinian Islamic Education Books” (To be published by the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem )

  11. “Towards a New Planetary: The Role of Religion from an Islamic Perspective” (To be published by the International Jacques Maritain Institute, Italy)

Conferences and Presentations (Partial List):

Courses Taught (Selection):

Societies (membership):

  1. American Academy of Religion (2001- )

  2. American Philosophical Association (1993-99)

  3. Islamic Society of Boston - President (1990-92)

  4. Muslim-Christian Council / Jerusalem (1998- 99)


  1. The Author in Malaysia.