Agriculture was treated as a craft above, 2:356 f. Cf. [H. Peres], in Bulletin des etudes arabes (Algiers), VII (1947), 14 f.


The rest of the sentence appears in the above form in C and D. The earlier texts have: "and similar ways of taking care of them."


The famous Nabataean Agriculture (faldhah or fildbah) which is ascribed to Abu Bakr Muhammad b. 'Ali Ibn Wahshiyah. Cf. GAL, l, 242 f.; Suppl., I, 430 f. Cf. also p. 156, below.


Yahya b. Muhammad [first half of the twelfth century]. Cf. GAL, I, 494 f.; Suppl., 1, 903.


Cf. pp. 157, 164, and 228 f., below.