Cf. 3:355, below.


Cf. 3:130, below. Not Euclid, but Apollonius was known to Arabic tradition as a carpenter. Cf. Ibn an-Nadim, Fihrist, ed. Flugel (Leipzig, 1871-72), p. 260; (Cairo, 1848/1929-90), p. 372; Sa'id al-Andalusi, Tabaqat al-umam, tr. R. Blachere, p. 70; al-Qifti, Ta'rikh al-lukama', ed. Muller­Lippert, p. 61.


Cf. 3:131, below.


Le., the miracle that marked him as a prophet. Noah is said to have been guided in the building of the Ark by divine revelation. (Cf. the chapter on Noah in ath-Tha'labi, Qisas al-anbiya'.) However, the statement that he was the first carpenter is not in the mainstream of Muslim tradition con­cerning Noah, but rather runs counter to it.


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