11 Cf. 1:556 ff, above, where the contents of this section were dealt with before.
12 Cf. also p. 363, below, Ibn Khaldun read the word mikhal, which is to be connected either with mncanh or aggavov, probably with the former. Cf. also mukhl "lever."
13 The Merinids started the building of al-Manturah under Abu Ya'qub Yusuf in 1299, and occupied it with interruptions down to 1299 and the years immediately following under Abu 1-Hasan 'Ali. Cf. G. Marcais in EI, s.v. "al-Mansura." Bulaq has "Abu Sa'id [1310-31]" instead of the correct Abu l-Hasan. De Slane translated: "(about) forty years ago," which would be historically accurate, but is linguistically hardly possible.
14 Cf. 1:359 (n. i is), above.
15 C has "Canaan" written over "Amalekites," Cf. 1:358 (n. 110), above.
16 Bulaq correctly supplied these words in the text.
17 Qur'an 3.47 (42), and similar passages.